Widow’s Walk




This is not a self help book. It is not full of web sites and famous people telling you what to do; nor does it have doctors of any kind telling you how you should feel. It is one woman’s story of losing herself and the daily, infinitesimally small cell by cell attempts to find herself again. To drag herself out of the hole she had fallen into when her world ended. One year, in which she discovered that some days she was not as strong as she thought she was followed by days where she was stronger than she thought she ever could be.She will take you on her journey, and along the way you will figure out how to live with this enormous hole in the center of your body, that everyone should see and yet no one does…a hole in which the wind blows through, making you cold, where the tatters of your dreams sway in the breeze. If you too struggle with this event, well, let us take this journey together, and see if we can find ourselves. Come along with her, and hold her hand; together you will get through this alive.


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