Widow’s Tears of Sorrow




This companion book to “Widow’s Walk” contains all the poems I wrote from the first day–when I found my husband of 42 years dead in his chair–to almost three years later. There are 45 poems in total–42 to equal one for each year we were married and 3 poems for my mother, who died the day after my husband. These are not happy poems; they are not poems about light and flowers and little kittens. These poems are hard, they are gritty, and they are real. My hope is that these poems touch your heart, and let you know that you are not alone, that at some point we all go through this in our lives, and while our grieving is personal to each of us, we all are in this together.Take my hand once again, and let us continue on our journey. With love, Paula Baysinger Morhardt


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