“Five Friends Deep is a great book that I would read
to my class when talking about rhyming words. The characters/animals are fun for readers. The use of colorful descriptive words paints an excellent picture of the animals almost as good as the illustrations!”
Angi S. – Austin, MN

”What a wonderful book! I could picture myself reading this book to youngsters! The illustrations are wonderful as well!”
Jen T. – Austin, MN
“The things that my children and I enjoyed about this book is the fun use of colors, the adorable illustration of the animals, and the rhyming words in the text. My son is working on rhyming words at school and this book was great for him to practice. I also enjoyed the variety of presentation on each page, it really intrigues the imagination. I do think that others would enjoy reading this book and would appreciate the adorable, colorful animals in the book.”

Hailey E. – Austin, MN


“A very relatable story for siblings. Ralph seems to be looking for attention! Typical behavior sometimes for brothers and sisters! I think most will enjoy his story of mischief!”
~ Marie K. – Austin, MN

“The kiddos and I enjoyed the book very much. I loved the ‘every day in the life of a child’ concept and the kiddos, age 3 to 7, enjoyed it, too. It’s also a very relatable story for them to identify with. We all have bad days and get into trouble from time to time and this was a great way to lead into that discussion. We all loved the illustrations.”
~ Sue D. – Austin, MN

“If you like bunnies and have a brother or sister you will like this book. I feel for Ralph- it’s not always easy to behave. I think other kids will relate, too. I can’t wait to share with my friends.”
~ Evangeline age 4 – Oakdale, MN

“I have grown children and certainly watched them go through some of the same battles that Mrs. Longears is living through.  I found the book to be compassionate and absolutely relatable when it comes to raising little ones, and the pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to Ralph and his mischief!  I can absolutely see sharing this with future grandchildren.

I was also a special education paraprofessional for 10 years, working with kids who ranged from preschool, up to 4th grade.  I have sat in on many classrooms while teachers read to their kids, and I truly believe this book should be on all of their shelves.”
~ Tina L. – Austin, MN


Mulled Cider

5 stars: “This cider was amazing.”

Sherry G. – Stockton, IL

5 stars: “Really good cider.”

Jeremy M. – Stockton, IL

5 stars: “Really good, loved it.”

Veronica L. – Stockton IL

5 stars: “Loved it!”

Val B. – Stockton, IL

5 *delicious* stars: “I can’t believe Paula is revealing her mulled cider recipe!”

Kiersten H. – Austin, MN

Herbed Bread

5 stars: “Loved every last bite.”

Val B. – Stockton, IL

5 stars: “Tasted delicious, much like Subways Italian but much better.”

Veronica L. – Stockton, IL

5 stars: “Cried when bread was all gone.”

Oliver, 7 months – Stockton, IL

Coffee Cake

5 stars: “Very moist, very good.”

Sherry G. – Stockton, IL

5 stars: “Loved it, can I have some more?”

Jillian, 8- Stockton, IL


“In “Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended and What Happened After,” Paula Baysinger Morhardt takes us through the painful journey of her life in the year after the unexpected death of her husband and the not-so-unexpected death of her mother the following day. Written as a series of diary entries, the book exposes the raw grief of the new widow, and her struggle to come to terms with her losses and to find herself as an individual after 42 years of being half of a couple. With each entry, Morhardt shares the lessons that she takes from her day. It is a raw and personal window into the life of a middle-aged woman from the rural Midwest, served with the weird, voyeuristic twist that only the diary of a stranger can provide. With each passing month, Morhardt reveals the strange details of a rural life that seem totally foreign to urban and suburban readers–the craft room housing both saws and a sewing machine, the box-elder bug infestation in the house, the tractor and tool collections, the indoor and outdoor cats, the making of cider in the fall, and traveling to different towns in order to accomplish a simple day of shopping and appointments, to name a few. At the same time, her story demonstrates that in spite of differences associated with education, economic class, religion, and region, all people’s lives are tied together by the common threads of family and friends. The biggest lesson that I take from this book is that we are dust in the wind. Our value, our legacy, exists less in the things that we work so hard to obtain or make, than it does in the memories we share with those we love.”

“Widow’s Walk is an honest, rough, and raw accounting of the roller coaster ride that one widow went on after the sudden death of her husband. In real time she chronicles the haze she must now travel as a widow, single and on her own for the first time in her life. Paula invites us in to witness the tears, anger, frustrations, the small daily triumphs she finds she must cling to for survival, and eventually recovery. The journal style memoir pulls back the curtain on what it is really like to have to live though and find meaning in losing her best friend and husband.”


“The author gives you snippets of her life that could very well be your own.”
L.N. – Paducah, KY

“Makes you stop and think about your life and ‘what to do with it?’ You realize that we do indeed have a lot of time but you should spend it wisely.” C.B.- Austin, MN

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading these soulful poems; The Marines Have Taken My Baby is so heartfelt.” T. G. Mabel, MN


“Poetry that touches on the nature around us and the nature within.” L.N.- Paducah, KY

“A fresh young voice from the heart of an old soul whose poetry might tug at your heart strings and your tears.” L.N.- Paducah, KY