Grandma is here!

I am happy to report that my children’s book, “Is This My Grandma”, is out. Brother and sister go to the hospital to see grandma, but brother isn’t sure this is really grandma- HIS grandma does not have tubes in her nose or arm, HIS grandma does not cry when the nurse helps her out of bed! Will sister be able to convince him that this IS his grandma? Read the book and find out!

Coming in July, the third in the series of Through the Garden Window will be published. Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest 2 contains 12 essays, and 12 recipes from my mother, grandmothers and great grandmothers recipe boxes. There will be 13 books altogether in the series, best to start collecting them now!

In other news, I have other books in the works, and have been busy out in my garden and in the kitchen, thinking of more things to write about. I hope you continue on this journey with me!