New book available!

The new book, Widow’s Tears of Sorrow, is now available on, and by next week should be available here on the website. Written during the past 2 1/2 years since my husband died, it is poems of loss, wonder, grit, and determination. I didn’t write these to be soft and gentle, they are hard, and gritty, and show the emotion I tried to not show the world. There are 42 poems, one for each year we were married, plus 3 for mom, who died the day after my husband.

On the subject of new books, Sweet Sour Cherries, my first Children’s book, should be out by Thanksgiving, and am hoping strongly that the second one will be out by Christmas. And then, the mysterious series I occasionally talk about will start coming out in the spring. What will it be about? Hmmmm…..