Busy Busy

I am so very busy, but having so much fun at the same time. I am recreating the recipes in my new books, checking them out, making sure they still work and letting people try them. I am baking up a storm!

The first book in the series, Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest is now out and ready to be purchased, and I am busy working on the second. We hope to do one every three months or so, perhaps sooner, so keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming books. Peggy McDowell is my illustrator for the Garden Series books, and her work is perfect for what I needed- including copies of the original recipe cards!

My children’s book, Sweet Sour Cherries, is also out now, and people are loving the illustrations that Kim Hanzo has done for this. She does amazing work, and she has brought Mrs. Longears and her children to life wonderfully, which adds so much more to my story.

I cannot thank my illustrators enough- without them, I would have no books!

Support your local authors, go out and buy a book, go online and buy a book, present it as a gift to someone, or donate it to your local library or school if you don’t want it yourself. And, keep on reading!