Making progress

As you can see, I am slowly making progress on the web site. I am also making slow progress on the next books.

The next one being published on Amazon is a companion volume to Widow’s Walk, my first book. It will be titled Widow’s Tears of Sorrow and will contain not only the poems from the first book but others I have written since then. 42 poems, one for each year of our married life, and then 3 for mom. That should be out in about two months.

Being published by Fox Pointe Publishing, the children’s books are Magic Takes Awhile, a book about bullying, and Sweet Sour Cherries, about a young bunny who learns it is better to be good than naughty.

The two children’s books will be new for me, never having had any published before, so am looking forward to seeing what that process is like.

The Garden Essays one is my fun one, my illustrator and I have some ideas which I hope my designer will like as well as we do!

In the meantime, I am doing more research for some other ideas I have, keep tuned to this column to see what is next!